The district attorney’s office provides educational programs to the communities we serve in hopes we can educate people about certain issues which if not addressed, may lead to a negative experience in life.

glass of alcohol near car key


The DUI Court in School Project is an innovative strategy for helping to prevent underage drinking and driving and to save lives. This project brings to the school campus auditorium a DUI criminal sentencing proceeding based on an actual case to help students understand the legal consequences and personal loss to the victims and their families when a DUI is committed. 

kids holding hands in a row


San Bernardino County District Attorney’s Office, in partnership with Loma Linda University Children’s Hospital, offers this unique three day camp that provides a relaxed, supportive and safe environment for children to enjoy the typical activities of a summer camp, as well as to have opportunities to work with professionals to share their feelings related to their loss, learn new ways to cope, and interact with other children and teens in an atmosphere of love and acceptance.

troubled teen leaning against a wall


The Let’s End Truancy Project, or L.E.T., is funded through Assembly Bill 1913 and allocates state resources annually to fund programs that address juvenile crime prevention and focus on public safety. Working in collaboration with local school districts, L.E.T. works to improve school attendance for previously truant students and to discourage future truancies by making education the priority.

a prosecutor speaks to a jury


Each year, the District Attorney’s Office partners with the Superintendent of Schools to give our students a unique understanding of our Constitution, our justice system, and what it’s really like to be a lawyer. Our prosecutors volunteer to coach the mock trial teams, score and critique the students’ performance, and preside over the trials. We also help administer the competition and recruit other lawyers and judges to participate.